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November 26th

Tourist industry with 4% growth in 2009

Despite the world crisis, the Cuban tourist industry exhibits a 4 percent growth up to date, compared with 2008, and it forecasts to close the year with good results. Read More

Eastern Cuba will welcome tourists from Finland and the rest of Europe

Several new tour operators, including Canadian WestJet and Finnish Finair will start bringing clients to eastern Cuba Holguin tourist resort through the Frank País international Aiport in this province. Read More

Hotel del Rijo at Sancti Spíritus province

The enchantment of a hotel at colonial times. It is a travel through imagination, Cuba’s 16-room hotel Encanto del Rijo, is located at the island’s central city of Sancti Spiritus.  Read More

Cultivable Land to be increased in Over 600 000 ha

600 000 hectares will be added to Cuba's cultivable lands to enhance food production, through the sub-urban agriculture program. Read More

US Democrat senator questions funds used for on Radio and TV Marti

US Senator Russ Feingold, a Democrat from Wisconsin, has said his first target to question the North American Government’s waste of funds is Radio and TV Marti. Read More

November 25th

Song to the roots and nature, it's Gaga party

The Gaga Party held at the Barrancas town, almost in the center of the eastern Cuban areas, is an endless parade of music, dance and colors. Read More

Lively dance, cumbia and bolero

A soap opera is to be broadcasted in Canal Habana where Cuban rhythms are mixed with those from Latin America. Read More

Cuban GM to Next Phase of Chess World Cup

Cuban chess player Leinier Domínguez had a tie in his match before Italian Fabiano Caruana in the second round of the World Cup. Read More

Multimedia theater piece to Latin American Movie Festival in Havana

"The Closest Farthest Away" ("La Entranable Lejania"), a work conceived by a Minnesota composer and officially passed by Cuba's government. Read More

November 24th

Septeto Ignacio Piñeiro is in New York

The septet was a pioneer of the Cuban son (a dance style; son means sound), which is a foundation of modern salsa in this hemisphere and of Congolese soukous in Africa. Read More