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Cuban doctor Yansnier Arias told Univisión that the first thing he was taught when he came to provide medical services in Venezuela, "went to falsify stories and patients to comply with statistics."

Ariel, who now lives in Chile, said that many of the country's medical centers were only designed to serve the sympathizers of the Nicolás Maduro regime, and that "it was discriminated against for political reasons."

In the interview given to the aforementioned newspaper, Arias recalled the case of a woman who arrived requesting medication for her epilepsy and was denied because she did not have the "identity card of the fatherland".

He also recalled when a patient arrived on December 31, who had convulsed for three days and, because he did not have the necessary medical supplies to treat him, the patient died.

The young Cuban doctor got sick of the threats and the conditions in which he lived in Venezuela, and he left for Chile.

In a recent investigative report published in The New York Times, which denounces abuses of the Maduro regime towards Cuban doctors who are carrying out missions in Venezuela, Arias also stated that his chiefs in that country advised him that the medicines should be reserved for election time.

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