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September 30th

U.S. Official in Cuba Held Talks with Cuban Officials and Normal Citizens

<div align="justify"> Bisa Williams, acting deputy assistant secretary, met this week with Deputy Foreign Minister Dagoberto Rodriguez during a six-day trip to Cuba, Assistant Secretary P.J. Crowley said. </div> Read More

Fewer Cubans Going to U.S.

<div align="justify"> Interviews with U.S. officials and Cuban affairs experts indicate the U.S. recession, more stringent enforcement in the Florida Straits, tougher immigration policies in Mexico's and less restrictive U.S.-Cuba relations are all playing parts in the slowing flow of immigrants, the Herald said. </div> Read More

Foreing Suppliers Worried about Payments in Cuba

<div align="justify"> The businessmen, who asked not to be identified, said they were increasingly frustrated because the Communist authorities refused to offer explanations or solutions for the situation, which stems from a cash crunch in the Cuban economy triggered by the global downturn and heavy hurricane damage last year. </div> Read More

According to Experts, Cuba's Agriculture Has a very Promising Future

<div align="justify"> William A. Messina Jr., of the University of Florida's Agriculture Science Institute, said that the communist island &quot;has such good soil and it represents a challenge of such magnitude that, with the end of the embargo, the agricultural market impact on the continent would be larger that of the Free Trade Treaty.&quot;<br /> </div> Read More

September 29th

Cuba Presents a Conciliative Facade to U.S. at UN

<div align="justify"> Bruno Rodriguez said Obama had taken &quot;positive&quot; steps&quot; by allowing Cuban Americans to travel and send money freely to the communist-ruled island. But he said many other issues had not been addressed, above all the 47-year-old U.S. trade embargo against Cuba, which the Cuban government blames for most of its economic problems. </div> Read More

Cuba Is Having Problems to Pay Farmers on Time

<div align="justify"> The public mea culpa came in a full page spread Monday in the state-run Granma newspaper, which acknowledged that the issue is a main cause of discontent in the countryside. It said that after an enormous effort to repay farmers that began in 2004, the problem has come up again. </div> Read More

Project of a Chinese Hotel in Cuba Is Eyeing U.S. Market

<div align="justify"> State-run Suntine International-Economic Trading Company of China and Cuba's Cubanacan hotel group are partners in the project, which will be a 600-room luxury hotel, the sources, who asked not to be identified, said over the weekend. </div> Read More

Russian and Chinese Cars Competing on Cuban Roads

<div align="justify"> Ministers, communist officials and police are switching their Ladas, with its stiff manual steering, for the smooth hydraulics of the Chinese-made Geely CK, a modern sedan that symbolizes the island's new alliance with Beijing. But Ladas still have their fans among the people. </div> Read More

September 28th

Cuba Hopes Scheme about New Farms Run for Profit Works

<div align="justify"> Critics of Cuba's communist-style collectivist agriculture system say that the country should be a virtual Eden, given its rich soil and abundant rain, and should not have to import tons of dried peas from the imperialist aggressor to the north. So now they are trying to grow their own vegetables. </div> Read More

Cuba Loses to U.S. in Baseball World Cup Final

<div align="justify"> The USA successfully defended their title, defeating Cuba for the second time in four days and reeling off 13 straight wins. Cuba's second straight silver comes after nine consecutive titles while Canada defeated Puerto Rico 6-2 to take bronze. </div> Read More