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We Cubans are no longer the "favorite" immigrants in the United States, it is clear to us. The visits of the island to the country of the North have been reduced to the minimum in recent months, but that has not prevented them from migrating to other destinations, especially without young people in full working age.

However, Donald Trump has laughed at the immigration agreements in effect since 1994 to deliver more than 20,000 visas to Cubans, have forced them to travel to third countries without guarantee of granting visas and have reduced the validity period of their visas. the B2 visa from 5 years to three months, with a single entry, could trigger the exodus to be even greater than before.

The Cubans themselves have rejected the declaration of their Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Minrex), which affirms that the decision regarding the B2 visa constitutes "an additional obstacle to the exercise of the right of Cuban citizens to visit their relatives in the United States" , and they predict the arrival of another era of rafters.

Not a few consider that the scenario imposed by the US government and the fact that the Cuban remains "crossed arms", will end by "increasing internal pressure" in the Caribbean nation and, "in the long run", lead to a crisis migratory.

According to the computer scientist Ramón, 38, "if they close we must open since we will always have more to lose. The more radical the problems we have, the more likely it is that only the children and the elderly will stay here because everyone who can will escape. There will be no rafts again, but only for the moment.

"Thanks to those who came and went from the United States, many Cubans dress, fit, medicate and even eat. That helped us to alleviate our basic needs. Now that we will not have that, it will be a matter of time that everyone who can be desperate in the first thing he finds and leaves. You have to see how the Cubans are already going up to Mexico.

"I wonder, if it is reciprocity, why the Cuban government did not do the same as the government of Barack Obama when he began to grant many visas for five years? The table is served, it only remains to see what are we going to do? When will we shed old habits that prevent us from moving forward? Who would think to speak of dignity hungry to the neck? What we have is to give free entry to anyone who wants to come, "he adds.

However, one of the users of the Cubadebate site explains that mass exoduses have only been allowed or organized by US Democratic administrations. Highlight that both countries have regulations that respond to their interests because both are sovereign and independent and remember that for many years "Cuba was closed face and song to enter and exit and that is historically true."

Although the government of Cuba has reiterated "its willingness to continue working to guarantee the growing flow of travelers in both directions in a regular, orderly and safe manner," private lessee Alexis, 42, does not understand that "we put him so many obstacles to the same Cuban citizens who want to enter the country.

"The position of the Minrex is opportunistic. Each nation has the right to establish rules for visitors, Cuba has its own, which includes not allowing the entry of Cuban citizens for various reasons, including errors in the passport or expiration of extensions.

"We must change everything old that is affecting us. The Cuban passport is the most expensive in the world and we continue to turn people into the airport without letting them see their family, for the sole reason that they left on a boat in the country.

"We ourselves have been excluding Cubans who 'deserted' during periods of work abroad for a period of up to eight years, and do we dare to say that the president of the United States is harming Cuban families? So here they have been always harming them ", emphasizes the cuentapropista.

According to lawyer Mariana, 30, "there have always been rules on one side and the other that have prevented family ties from narrowing. It seems that we do not remember here that we Cubans could travel to visit our relatives abroad only if we were over 60 years old.

"Cuba, for example, has very special requirements and high prices for those born in its territory, even if they have passports and nationalities from any other country. In addition, it only grants three months of visa, even to American students. The United States is also in the right to decide what it understands most correctly.

"To enter a country is not a right, it is a privilege. Each one grants the visas that it seems and charges for the passports and other procedures as convenient. Each one lets in and out of their territory who they decide. Also we do not have to demand economic sustainability or guarantees of return to their countries to those who visit us because we are a country that sends emigrants and not a recipient, such as the United States.

"The best we could do is pass the ball to the Americans. Give citizens of the United States a visa for five or up to ten years if they want. We will not lose anything by doing it. In the end, what we want is a better quality of life, that Americans come to Cuba and that we can continue going there, "the jurist concludes.

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