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World premieres of Cuban Contemporary Dance

Cuban Contemporary Dance will perform the plays Mambo3 XXI, by the Cuban choreographer George Céspedes and Casi-casa by the Swedish Mats Ek as a world premiere. Read More

Documentary The Pacific Medical School

A documentary film titled ‘Escuela de Medicina del Pacífico’ (The Pacific Medical School) was presented by the Latin American Studies Department of the University of Sydney, Australia. The film deals with Cuba’s health cooperation in the region. Read More

Sol Meliá to benefit from embargo end

The U.S. House Committee on Foreign Affairs will hold a hearing Nov. 19<br /> on the travel ban, the first since Democrats took control of Congress in<br /> 2007. Read More

Casino Dance

Casino dance is of Cuban origin and its movements are great, Casino constantly evolves due to the exploration of new movements including other present music tendencies. <br /> Read More

Belgian movie in Havana

Scenes of &quot;Formidable&quot;, a film that inaugurated the sample in Havana is really the most recent Belgian production from this art.<br /> Read More

Cuban movie in France

It’s about a week of this art from the island and the event starts with Mauricio’s pages (Páginas de Mauricio) . Read More

Prison camp in Guantanamo coming to an end

Guantánamo is preparing for the day when the detainees are gone. Read More

Money in the midst of sanctions versus Cuba

A new report has unveiled links between campaign contributions and votes on sanctions against Cuba. Read More

Visiting Havana, the glamour of an old city

Havana, the most captivating city in the Caribbean, has any number of treats to offer visitors. Exquisitely dilapidated streets; mighty forts; iconic hotels, from the colonial to the uncompromisingly modernist. Read More