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Cuban model Lisandra Silva suffers violent robbery on International Women's Day

The Cuban model Lisandra Silva shared an unfortunate event on Friday morning in the morning, on International Women's Day. The former reality girl based in Chile, was the victim of a violent robbery at the hands of a man on a motorcycle. Read More

Cubans honored National Hero Jose Marti

CUban National Hero Jose Marti became one of the greatest thinkers on the planet and he left a huge legacy that includes very significant ethical teachings. Read More

Preparations for the arrival of the Pope to Cuba advance

Preparations for the Mass offered by Pope Francis in Havana are progressing as planned, the national press announced. Read More

Visctoria's Secret famous models in Havana.

Cuba is no longer a secret and it seems that Havana wins more fans every day in the world of the stars. This time, the followers of Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show had the opportunity to meet on the streets of this city two Victoria's Secret Angels, Brazilian Adriana Lima and Puerto Rican Joan Smalls. Read More

Raul Castro’s biography published in Russia

Russian publishing house Joven Guardia (Young Guard) has just published in its series "Life of illustrious men" the biography of Cuban President Raul Castro. Read More

Rihanna is in Cuba

The Barbadian singer Rihanna, known by her eccentricities, changes of looks and by being owner of one of the best voices in the international pop panorama and spectacular staging, is visiting Cuba. Read More

Pope Francis to visit Cuba from 19 to 22 September

Pope Francis to visit Cuba between 19 and 22 September, during a tour that will also take him to the United States, announced today the Conference of Catholic Bishops of Cuba. Read More

White House does not discard Obama's trip to Cuba

US president Barack Obama does not discard a trip to Cuba, although that possibility is not among his immediate plans, said Monday a senior source in the White House, informs AFP. Read More

François Hollande met with Fidel Castro

French President Francois Hollande, today held a meeting in Havana with Cuban leader Fidel Castro, during the historic visit of Gallic head of state to Cuba. Read More

Oswaldo Payá, Cuban Leader of Petition Drive for Human Rights, Dies at 60

Oswaldo Payá, an eloquent Cuban activist who spent decades trying to build a grass-roots movement that would compel the government of Fidel and Raúl Castro to allow more freedom and human rights, died on Sunday in a car crash in eastern Cuba. He was 60. Read More

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