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Belkis Ayon's works exhibition in Havana

Cuba Was A Canvas For Artist Belkis Ayon.The event has revived an enduring mystery in Cuba — about art, African myths and the shadowy, all-male secret society known as Abakua.<br /> Read More

Harvest season of tobacco comes in Cuba

Tobacco growers work at a field during the harvest season in west Cuba. Read More

Latin American and Caribbean Workshop SIDACULT is underway

The work agenda of the second working day of the Latin American and Caribbean Workshop SIDACULT includes training to journalists in the development of good practices in the preparation of news about HIV/AIDS and some debate tables. Read More

Havana Jojazz 2009 Festival Began

A concert of young jazz musicians opened the ojazz 2009 International Festival in the Cuban capital on Thursday, in which about 29 young musicians are competing. Read More

Military maneuvers begins in Cuba

Its biggest military maneuvers in five years began on Thursday, as a need to prepare for a possible invasion by the United States. Read More