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Bee like a fine rooster

Elier Sanchez Mora is a beekeeper for five years now. Nowadays, he has 45 hives, the year before he obtained 136 kilograms for each, which granted him the second place at national level in 2008. Read More

Cuba's achievement on a vaccine against lung cancer is a fact, scientist said

It is the CimaVax EGF vaccine being produced at the Cuban Center of Molecular Immunology since the early 1990s.<br /> Read More

Expert from the International Peasant Movement praised Cuban agriculture

he scientific support to organic agriculture in Cuba makes the main difference with the rest of the Caribbean countries. Read More

Neurological rehabilitation in Primary Health Care

Camaguey has more than 30 areas of this type, in which treatment to patients with hemiplegia or hemiparesis, caused by strokes or other neurological disorders, is offered. Read More

Solid steps in favour of ecological agriculture in Camaguey

The Cuban province of Camaguey has taken solid steps in favor of the aquiculture program. Read More

Septeto Nacional on its first trip to the U.S.A.

The new political winds have cleared the path for Septeto Nacional. Read More

Guantanamo prison will stay longer, media outlest announced

President Obama acknowledged Wednesday that he will not meet his original January deadline for shutting down the military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Read More

100,000 signatures strong for Cuba travel

A cyberspace petition started by the Orbitz travel site to open Cuba to American tourists now has more than its goal of 100,000 signatures, Orbitz says.<br /> Read More