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Second round of migration talks betwen USA and Cuba

Besides migration issues, the two countries in September launched talks in Havana to restart the bilateral mail service which was cut off in 1963. Read More

Handling Program for Camagüey City includes International Consultation

The international participation includes experts from Spain, Argentina and Cuba. The Office of the Historian of Camaguey City will submit the Handling Program to an international consultation. Read More

Teenagers's Life and the Celebration of the Student's Day

Best friends are made during the school days.The best memories, the best experiences, the best friends who one remembers, are made in such a period of our lives.  <br /> Read More

Summit on Food Security in Rome

Cuba is participating in a United Nations Summit on Food Security that began today in Rome, Italy. The Caribbean delegation.<br /> Read More

Softball diplomacy in Cuba

Havana's Caribbean sun was the witness of a softball game on Monday.<br /> Read More

A Book on Cuba banned at Miami School

It is about a book entitled &quot;Vamos a Cuba&quot;, it is a small book that sparked a big controversy over alleged censorship in Miami. Read More

Money favoring embargo goes to US lawmakers

Public Campaign cites a number of times in which lawmakers changed their position on Cuba-related issues within months of receiving funds from a political action committee that supports the U.S. embargo of the communist island. Read More

Surfacen, Less Mortality in Premature Newborns

he Neonatology Department in Sancti-Spiritus Maternity Hospital reports a diminished mortality rate (lower than 0, 5) in premature newborns who suffer from the hyaline membrane disease. Read More

Natural Medicine in Cuba, praised

A delegation from Canary Islands’ autonomic government paid a recent visit to Sancti Spiritus’s Natural and Traditional Medicine Laboratory. Read More

Avilanian poet awarded

The Emilio Ballagas national prize was given to the poet because of his Stylistic achievements and excellent management of the language.<br /> Read More