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August 28th

EU Diplomats Visit Wife of Jailed Dissident Might Anger Cuba

<div align="justify"> Diplomats from Sweden, Great Britain, Hungary, Poland and Germany saw Ferrer's wife, Yusnaimy Jorge Soca, at her Havana home and brought donated items including food and clothing. The group said it organized the visit on its own and had not been invited by the couple. </div> Read More

Fewer Cubans Going to Florida Probably due to Economic Crisis

<div align="justify"> Experts say it's hard to pinpoint what has caused such a drastic drop but attribute it to combination of factors, with the U.S. economic downturn topping the list. Other reasons are the stepped up U.S. law enforcement against smugglers, eased U.S. restrictions on Cuban-Americans and a clampdown by the Cuban government. </div> Read More

Richardson Recommends Expanding Contacts with Cuba

<div align="justify"> The U.S. government should lift all the travel to Cuba restrictions for its citizens, affirmed Bill Richardson, governor of the state of New Mexico, who is on a visit to the island.   Richardson has met with the Caribbean country’s political and business sector authorities. </div> Read More

Early Diagnosis of Alzheimer's Expanded in Cuba

<div align="justify"> Cuban hospitals have been equipped with high-resolution devices for nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (NMRI), axial computerized tomography or CAT scan and positron emission tomography (PET). All of these techniques contribute to the diagnosis of Alzheimer's. </div> Read More

August 27th

NM Gov., Now Visiting Cuba, Will Inform to the White House after His Return

<div align="justify"> “I’m not an envoy of the (Obama) administration. I’m carrying no message. I’m here as a governor seeking agricultural trade,” he said. “Obviously I do plan to submit my impressions to the administration after I conclude,” he added. “I will do that as a citizen and as a governor. They’re my impressions alone.” </div> Read More

Cuba's Socialist System Must Meet Real Needs

<div align="justify"> In the view of some analysts, the crisis makes it even more urgent to hold the PCC Congress. The Sixth Congress, postponed since 2002, had been announced for the end of this year. However, the party's Central Committee decided to postpone it until an analysis is carried out &quot;with the entire population.&quot; </div> Read More

Juanes Sees Havana Concert as a Way to Help Cuba-U.S. Thaw

<div align="justify"> Juanes, who lives in the United States, told the Miami Herald in an interview published on Wednesday he saw his scheduled September 20 concert in Havana's Revolution Square as a chance to promote reconciliation between Cuba and the United States, which have been ideological foes for nearly 50 years. </div> Read More

Will Castro Appear in Public Again?

<div align="justify"> “Incredible” was the most common reaction on Sunday night among people who called each other by phone with the question of the moment: “Did you see him.” Others, regardless of political inclination, told family members, “Look, on TV, they’re showing Fidel.” “He’s standing firm,” commented Susana Rodríguez, a store employee. </div> Read More

Tourism Arrivals Record Increase in Cuba during July

<div align="justify"> There has been a steady increase over the last three years, that is, from July 2006 to July 2009. The number represents a six percent increase as compared to the same period of 2008. And there was a 3.1% growth in the number of tourists going to Cuba from January to July of this year, 47,000, more than in the first seven months of 2008. </div> Read More

August 26th

Bill Richardson Tries to Push Imports to Cuba

<div align="justify"> Richardson met with Alarcon on Monday. On Tuesday he visited chamber of commerce President Pedro Alvarez and Igor Montero, president of Alimport, the Cuban government agency responsible for agricultural commerce. </div> Read More