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Fishing with a high increase

Fishers from the Enterprise Base Unit, Juanito Mora, in Puerto Padre, captured so far in a year over one hundred sixty tons of fish and forty six of large oysters, number that places its commitments to ninety percent of fulfillment in 2009. <br /> Read More

Arnaldo Rodríguez and his Talisman band with a new album

Mango album will be a sensation for those fund of his music which is a mixture of many styles and genres. Read More

Film Editors to Meet in Cuba

Cuba will host from November 30 to December 3 the 1st International Meeting of Editors of Orson Wells, Igmar Bergman and Werner Fasbinder Films, organized by the International Cinema and Television School of San Antonio de los Banos. Read More

Pablo Milanes in Chile

Popular singer-author Pablo Milanes visited President Michelle Bachelet to express his <br /> admiration and respect, as he himself expressed after the interview at the La Moneda Palace. Read More

Cubans with hard times ahead

Cubans are bracing for hard times in 2010 as President Raul Castro slashes imports and cuts government spending to get Cuba out of crisis -- and they are growing impatient with the slow pace of economic reform. Read More