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When do players train in the national series of base ball?

The 49th National Series of Baseball in Cuba is characterized by the amazing performance of Guantanamo and by the sensational offensive of Granma; but also, by the controversy raised after some novelties implemented in the current schedule of games. Read More

Cuban Parliament to be in Session next December 19

The fourth ordinary period of sessions of the seventh Legislature<br /> of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) will take place on December 19. Read More

The unique Bola de Nieve, more than a singer

Ignacio Jacinto Villa Fernandez (a.k.a. Bola de Nieve) was born on September 11th, 1911, in Guanabacoa municipality. Read More

Restrictions hurting exports to Cuba

Agricultural sales to Cuba would have been as much as one-third higher in 2008 if U.S. restrictions on financing of the exports and travel by Americans to Cuba had been lifted, a top U.S. International Trade Commission member said. Read More

Cuba adopts "extreme measures" to avoid blackouts

Top officials have ordered state-run companies to adopt “extreme measures” to save energy through the end of the year. Read More

Casa de las Américas expects young artists to feel like home

The taken house experiences this situation once more when the sons of the previous generations made Casa de las Américas what it is today. Read More

"Yo sí puedo" educational program in Argentine

The program has been implemented since 2003 and illiteracy rate has been reduced since then.  <br /> Read More

Program preventing the spread of A H1N1 ends in Tuna province

The 99.9 percent of the population at risk were vaccinated in Las Tunas province against Seasonal Flu as part of the program aimed at preventing the spread of A H1N1. Read More