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  • 03 / 21 / 2019

A 56-year-old man was killed in the early hours of Saturday morning in Sancti Spíritus after a brutal beating at a sports complex in the north of that city.

The body of Lázaro Fernández Lumpuy, neighbor of Olivos II, was unrecognizable after receiving blunt blows to his face and other parts, as well as the burning of his genitals, reports the local newspaper Escambray.

"It was quite disfigured and it was not until Saturday afternoon that it was identified thanks to the concerns of friends and neighbors who went to the Provincial Hospital, where the deceased was," said Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Luis Carrazana Saroza , head of the Provincial Unit of Criminal Investigation and Operations Sancti Spíritus to Escambray.

In addition to the murder, the investigations of the Ministry of the Interior (MINIT) discovered that they also stole many goods in the victim's home.

The person responsible for this murder was arrested on Sunday by authorities in Sancti Spíritus after the preliminary investigations. At the moment, the man who confessed to the crime and the theft has not been identified.

"In the hours of Sunday a person suspected of this fact is arrested, comparative actions started by Criminalistics and all specialties, including criminal investigation, and on Tuesday the confession of the detainee was achieved, who also revealed how he committed the crime. murder, he also acknowledged that he stole goods from the victim's home and specified the place where he had part of them, "explained the public official.

Among the stolen goods, already recovered by the police, are a mountain bike, a flat-screen TV, a laptop, a home theater and briefcases full of things, adds the Escambray newspaper.

As reported by the head of the Provincial Unit of Criminal Investigation and Operations, on Tuesday 19 the facts were reconstructed both in the patinódromo where the murder occurred and in the house where he stole the detainee.

For the time being, investigations of this murder continue with the Prosecutor's Office. Carrazana added that another criminal act in the province occurred last January, without giving further details.

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