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Cuban doctor tells that in Venezuela he was taught to falsify medical histories to comply with statistics

Cuban doctor Yansnier Arias told Univisión that the first thing he was taught when he came to provide medical services in Venezuela, "went to falsify stories and patients to comply with statistics." Read More

Omara Ruiz Urquiola announces that there are already medicines for all in the oncology of Havana: "We beat them"

Omara Ruiz Urquiola announced on Monday in their social networks that there is already medicine "for all" in the oncology of Havana, after their complaints last week. Read More

The desperate story of a Cuban doctor in Brazil: "The parole is our only hope, Bolsonaro lied to us"

Anaysi Fuentes Petrolanda is desperate. She is one of about 2 thousand Cuban health professionals who decided to try their luck in Brazil after the Island Government decided to suspend the Mais Medicos program in that country. Read More

Specialist consultations suspended due to lack of transportation for doctors

The suspension of the consultations left unattended since November Sibanicú patients with arms in casts. Read More

Cuban Health Colaboration Extended to 162 Countries

Cuba’s health professionals abroad totalling almost 373 thousand have offered their medical aid to 162 countries since its first colaboration to Chile in 1960. Read More

Cuba and Mexico Sign Health Cooperation Agreement

Cuban and Mexican authorities signed on Thursday in Havana, three scientific-technical and academic cooperation agreements in the health sector which will allow expanding and strengthening bilateral ties in the field. Read More

Over 410 thousand blood donations made in Cuba in 2017

In the first 4 months of 2017, the 330,000 Cuban voluntary blood donors, made over 410,000 donations that will contribute to save lives in Cuba and in other countries. Read More

Health Minister from Seychelles Speaks to Cuban Doctors

The Health Minister of Seychelles, Jean Paul Adam met on Monday with members of the Cuban Medical Brigade on the occasion of Mother’s Day, informed Prensa Latina News Agency. Read More

80% of the treatments for children with leukemia in Cuba are successful

80 percent of treatments for children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia have been successful in Cuba, according to a report from the official Cubacoopera website. Read More

Cuban training of foreign doctors is fruitful for Chile

The training in Cuba of health professionals has been very fruitful for Chile, said professor Jhonny Acevedo from the Medicine Faculty of Chile´s University. Read More

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