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The last visit to Cuba of the American actor and singer Will Smith and his unexpected participation in the 2018 Marabana are still giving something to talk about.

The artist himself has been commissioned to relive his stay in the capital of the Island during the last installment of his Facebook program Will Smith's Bucket List, where he shares through a dynamic video all the experience lived before, during and after Start running around Havana.

In the material, about 22 minutes approximately, the interpreter of Is rich shows how in just three weeks he prepared for the competition. Hard physical training in which he put his body strength to the limit, baths in ice-covered basins, medical tests and a lot of illusion, were some of the factors that intervened and that were part of his sports planning.

Once in Havana, Will Smith teaches in the audiovisual how were his first days on the island as well as some of the moments before the marathon in which he had contact with the art and culture of the country.

Likewise, he exposes some of the preparations he made in the city prior to the race, in which the concentration, the test of costumes and rest became key points.

Will Smith ran as another citizen in the Marabama, held in November of last year 2018, and managed to cover distance of 11 miles in the time of two and a half hours.

The video also reflects several of the ups and downs that the actor faced during the competition. For him the fatigue, the heat of the tropics and the loss of time due to the cessation of speed did not become obstacles, but rather a driving force that led him to touch the final goal like a champion. The rest is history.

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