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Arturo has lived since he was six years old for cars. "I loved getting into my dad's workshop and helping to fix them," says today, at 43, he feels happy "because I have a Polaquito (as the Polski are known), which is the most economical thing that one can find in Cuba. "

With more than a decade involved in the Rent a car service, used by national and foreign tourists on the island, this mechanical engineer ensures that it is increasingly difficult to buy a car in Cuba. What is being offered today are the same rent cars, which the State buys abroad new packages and go on sale when they have traveled 80,000 kilometers and have already taken a 'stream' of pesos.

"However, that is not enough and they are overused and they also sell them with more than 90 and 100,000 kilometers walked, when they are already destroyed. Amen that there is much demand, if we are in high season of tourism, as now, the sale is sent to stop and continue to rent until they no longer give. Then, that waste is what is going to stop at the hands of the population, "says Arturo.

"Even so, it is still better to buy them from the government, even if they are all disrupted at times, because the only thing that has to be done to access them is to justify the income and pay something 'for the left', of course. Those who can do it are artisans and artists, other powerful cuentapropistas and people who travel, who then resell them in the street to those who can not justify the money they have, "explains the expert on the subject.

According to what private taxi driver Nelson, 51, adds, that is the reason "inflation continues and the long queues to buy rental cars. The same State encourages the prices of these on the street and are increasingly inaccessible. The sale of cars in Cuba is hijacked by a mafia that follows the cars since they leave the rent, and, through commission, they always reach the highest bidder. "

"On the other hand, there are no spare parts for the modern cars and the old ones invent them or put them on the ones that the outsiders bring in. We have to die buying the parts from the private ones because here there are only pieces for the military and the 'segurosos', who almost always walk in CK ".

"Some time ago it is time to remove restrictions because those who approved the prices of cars and internal combustion bikes today have nothing to do with the people; on the contrary, they make and approve decrees to increase the suffering of Cubans. Who would sell cars 0 kilometers in 250,000 CUC in a country where people earn 30 on average per month? I think those cars do not exist anymore, they disappeared because of the protests of the people, but now you find an Audi that costs 110,000; a Kia Picanto, 42,000; one CK, 35,000; a modern Lada, 30,000; and a Polski, 10,000, declares the owner of a Chevrolet. "

Acquiring a car in the Caribbean nation has become an almost impossible mission since its prices have been rising since the end of 2011 the Cuban government approved the purchase and sale of vehicles as part of a "restructuring" economic

In line with what José Miguel confesses, who has been driving a taxi for three years, "for about six months a while ago it was in effect that you bought a car abroad and you imported it and gave the State an old one But that was quickly removed because it was an invention for the wealthy generals of this country and their families to get into the vehicle they wanted, many people stayed with cars bought outside and could never enter them. "

"It is ridiculous that the main causes for which the sale of cars is not supposed to be authorized at 'market prices' are pollution, accidents and road deficits." It is evident that the greatest pollution is caused by the old automobile fleet that exists in the country, which would be solved with the sale of modern cars and taxes on road traffic that are used to rebuild the streets ".

"We have to prepare ourselves to fill the streets of cars and generate more fuel consumption and road congestion, but they can not continue to close the doors to the opportunities, the one that has money to buy a car abroad or the one that has a relative that is I want to give it away, that I have the possibility of importing one.A Lada, from 1989, can cost up to 35,000 CUC, how many cars from 2005 could be imported with that money? ", analyzes.

In the words of Dr. Francisco, "there are honest people who can import a car and we do not all want cars of the latest model or wait for them to give them to us. Those of us who have never had our own, we are satisfied with being able to acquire whatever it is. In addition, the old existing park could be replaced with some economic solution, such as credits ", for example.

"You need a policy of selling cars at real market prices. That would benefit many families with children and the elderly. We are thousands who break our heads and pocket when we need to take them to a shift in the doctor or do any other management and we have to be renting a taxi that charges us 'an eye of the face'. It is an abuse that we are not allowed to buy a car, either new or used, as it happens normally and naturally in the rest of the world. We feel cheated. "

"Who knows how many cars and motorcycles have been sold in Cuba and at what price and with what income for taxes? Who cares about doctors and other professionals who run out of cars because the possibility of buying them with an authorization disappeared? Before with a letter we could buy a car for $ 3,000, but in this place everything good lasts little, says the 37-year-old doctor. "

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