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Obama's promise is change: does it include Cuba?

Obama promised change and has already delivered some new policies, on both<br /> domestic and foreign policy fronts. Read More

Cuba remarkable on its heritage Management

The island has a long and oustanding work in preserving the old sites coming from colonial times. <br /> Read More

Cuban crewmen stuck in Africa after ship begins to leak

Sixteen Cuban crewmen are stuck in a remote African port with few money in their pockets, they were owed 11 months and the wood load on board their ship has been regarded as illegal. Read More

300 swine flu vaccines are to be applied by Gitmo

The special shipment was being held at the base hospital, and would be given to ``high-risk individuals on the Navy station,'' said Terence Peck, a public affairs officer. <br /> Read More

Director of the Cuban National Library to offer lectures in the USA

His work focuses on topics of Cuban independence, abolition, slavery, popular religion, freemasonry, and the formation of “cubanidad” (i.e. what defines the Cuban identity, and what it means to be Cuban). Read More

Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro to the USA in 2009

Sound Culture and Mateo Productions will host an exclusive evening with Cuba’s legendary and timeless son ensemble Septeto Nacional Ignacio Piñeiro. Read More