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Pneumococcal Vaccine on Clinical Trials Next Year

The director of the Havana-based Finlay Institute and member of the Politburo of Cuba’s Communist Party, Concepcion Campa, said the first clinical trials of a pneumococcal vaccine will begin in Cuba next year. Read More

Schools against Hurricanes project toured Pinar del Rio

French, Spanish and Cuban artists of the Schools against Hurricanes project toured around eighteen communities and towns in the western province of Pinar del Rio that were devastated by the hurricanes last year. Read More

Restoration network to start refurbishing the Cuban heritage

The Cuban network of Offices of the Curator of the City will implement a wide program of actions for higher education and exchange, the plan had been created since December 2008. Read More

Dulce María Loynaz's library will be opened in Tunisia

The Queen of Spain will open a library named after the Cuban writer Dulce Maria Loynaz next 25 of November.Queen Sofia of Spain will unveil a plaque in tribute to the writer, 1992 Cervantes Award winner.<br /> Read More

Polo Montañez's music remains at Sierra del Rosario

Sierra del Rosario is a biosphere reserve where Polo used to live and compose his famous songs. Read More

D´Ricci gallery in Wisconsin with Cuban art

An exhibiton of the Cuban art is underway in Wisconsin. It is about an exhibition of 25 pieces made by the Cuban artists Orestes Larios Zaak and Gregorio Perez, is exhibited until next 24 of November in Madison, capital city of the US state of Wisconsin. Read More

Short films with considerable presence in Havana movie event

Documentaries are strengthening its identity in the coming Havana festival, they have been Underestimated in the big international events, 24 movies from Latin America, Europe, Asia and North America will be competing from December 3 to 13. Read More

Sierra Maestra mountain range with a Haitian project

t is about the revival of Haitian traditions which had come to the island since the days of the Haitian Revolution and has stayed for long in the Eastern side of Cuba. Read More

Cuba's education program

&quot;Children's Circle&quot; and &quot;Educate Your Child&quot; are household words in Cuba, where parents benefit from these social pre-school education programs for their children. Read More

U.S.-Cuba friendly ties in softball

Teams of older U.S. and Cuban softball players ended a &quot;friendship&quot; tournament <br /> Cuban shortstop Aurelio &quot;Yeyo&quot; Torres and Jim Kurland of the U.S. (L) greet each other after their series of games, which lasted five days, in Havana November 20, 2009. Read More