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Chavez proposes Obama to Free the Cuban Five

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez urged his US peer, Barack Obama, to release the five Cuban anti-terrorists held in US jails for 11 years. Read More

Giles Paxman, UK ambassador to Spain favors relations with Cuba

The new British ambassador in Spain has declared he considered most important the EU's goal of  keeping a closer and constructive relation with Cuba if Cuba shows some advancements on Human Rights. <br /> Read More

Cuba inside

Long taboo for Americans, travel to the island nation may be within reach as the Obama administration has recently loosened travel restrictions for Cuban Americans and bills to lift restrictions for all U.S. Read More

Emergency training center for Cuba

Russia will help Cuba establish a training center for defense and emergencies services specialists,Russia's emergencies minister said.<br /> Read More

ALBA Tourist Group in Cuba

Some 60 tourists, including elders, handicapped and press people were received at the Jose Marti International Airport by officials from the Cuban Ministry of Tourism. Read More

More than 100,000 back U.S. travel to Cuba

The campaign started by Orbitz announced today that it had received 100,000 signatures from people calling on the U.S. government to allow Americans to travel to the island. Read More