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Cuba stated that the US blockade policy is a failure and the USA has never been more isolated.It is also a discredit for WTO.

Addressing the Dispute Settlement Body (DSB) of the WTO, Cuban ambassador to Geneva Rodolfo Reyes said that the message from the international community about this issue is unequivocal.

On October 28, the UN General Assembly approved for 18th consecutive time and by 187 votes in favor a resolution condemning the economic, trade and financial blockade Washington has maintained towards Cuba since 1962, Reyes stressed.

Analyzing the Section 211 of the Budget Enforcement Act of the US, in force since 1998, the appropiation of Cuban brands was debated within the DSB of the WTO.

Delegates from Ecuador, Brazil, China, Venezuela, Vietnam, Bolivia, Argentina and Nicaragua, along with European Communities, demanded once again the US government fulfill DSB recommendations and abolish the Section 211.

The Cuban ambassador rejected the two statements by the US delegates, and stressed the Section 211 has not given the expected results.

Havana Club is a well-known brand that identifies Cuban origin, despite crude attempts to usurp Bacardi, Reyes stated by commenting the violation of postulates on intellectual property in US territory.

Havana Club Rum from Cuba is sold in all Europe but not in the USA.


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