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The five Cubans who arrived on the beaches of Miami and escaped from the authorities, arrived in a rustic boat through the Straits of Florida.

As can be seen in the images of America TeVé, the homemade boat was made with poliespuma and some parts with wood, and it had moored some spoons that apparently were used to eat during the crossing.

The group of rafters arrived in the United States on 162nd Street and Collins Avenue in Sunny Isles Beach.

When the authorities arrived at the place, the group had already fled.

Willy Allen, an immigration lawyer, told the aforementioned newspaper that if the migrants had waited in the place, they would have been detained and would have been entitled to a bond for a cost of 5 to 15 thousand dollars.

According to specialists, evading the authorities could cost them deportation.

Allen also maintains that, even after 4 years in the United States, they will not be able to apply to the Cuban Adjustment Act, since it was not a legal entry that they made.

There are more and more cases of Cubans who continue to emigrate to the United States, despite the dismantling of the policy of Dry Feet / Wet Feet.

Last week, the US Coast Guard deported a group of 25 Cubans who had tried to reach the country illegally, and who were rescued near the Florida Keys.

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