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Volleyball team defeated Egypt 3-2 at Champions Volleyball Cup

Cuban national volleyball team defeated this Saturday its Egyptian<br /> counterpart 3-2 at the Grand Champions Cup, underway in the Japanese city of Nagoya. Read More

Nassau route back to the Bahamas

Minister of Tourism &amp; Aviation Vincent Vanderpool-Wallace promised to use the latest technology to draw visitors as he welcomed Condor Airlines back to the Bahamas on Friday, after a 20-year absence. Read More

Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta and daily life

It gets harder and harder to wake up and start the day. I eat breakfast at 8.30 — oatmeal, berries, bananas and tea. <br /> Read More

Health Ministry from Sri Lanka to import ‘Novel A/H1N1 2009’ vaccine

The Ministry of Healthcare and Nutrition in Sri Lanka has decided to immediately import a vaccine called ‘Novel A/H1N1 2009,’ which has been approved by the World Health Organisation, to treat patients. Read More

Cuban Pitcher Chapman fires agent

Cuba's Aroldis Chapman has fired his agent and is going with the Hendricks brothers. The phenom pitcher switched agents while in the middle of negotiations with Major League teams. Read More

Twenty Reggae Girls in do or die match

Jamaica's under-20 women footballers will have to play their best game of the tournament according to coach Vin Blaine, if they are to beat hosts Trinidad in Sunday's Caribbean group decider. Read More

Military exercise includes the whole island to prevent US attack

The military exercise, Cuba's largest in five years and the first since Barack Obama's inauguration as US president in January, will be held Thursday through Saturday, followed by Sunday's armed forces day to be marked nationwide. Read More

Cuba and its children protection policy

UN official urges countries to learn from Cuba on children's protection, children in Cuba go to school and have access to health care. Read More

Some terrorists to US courts, Obama said

Moving Guantanamo detainees to prisons on U.S. soil obviously must happen if Guantanamo is to be closed. Read More

US Agricultural delegation on a trip to Cuba

Hooks reports on Ga. agribusiness in Cuba and said it was an effort to promote and increase trade of Georgia Agricultural products. Read More