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Cuba and the US launch joint marine preservation project

Cuba and the United States are presenting on Tuesday the results of a joint study research on the preservation of sharks, during the 10th Congress of Marine Sciences which focuses on the conservation of the sea surrounding the island and the fishing of marine species. Read More

Rainfall average in Cuba in 2015 lower than historic average

Despite the improvement experienced in different parts of the national territory, the efficient use of water is essential, taking into account the significant deficits of rain for several months. Read More

Cuba opens a training course against disaster risks

Cuba opened a training course for experts with the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) in subjects related to mitigation of disaster risks in the event of natural phenomena. Read More

Mild quake felt in Cuban province

At 19:28, local time, of Monday, October 26, the network of stations of the Cuban National Seismological Service recorded an earthquake perceptible by the population in the province of Camaguey. Read More

Havana implements a plan to protect sharks

The Cuban government announced the implementation of a long-term plan to protect sharks. Thus, Cuba will begin cooperation with US environmental group. It is a partnership between the two countries seeking to preserve their shared waters in the Gulf of Mexico and the Straits of Florida. Read More

UN recognizes Cuba's efforts in soil protection

Myrta Kaulard, coordinator and resident representative of the United Nations for Development Program (UNDP), acknowledged on Tuesday in this capital Cuba's efforts to protect the soil. Read More

70 pct of Cuban territory affected by draught

70 percent of the entire geographical area of Cuba showed deficit in rainfall during the past 12 months, and the provinces of Sancti Spiritus and Granma were the most affected regions. Read More

US and Cuba discuss creation of joint marine reserve

US and Cuba discuss the creation of a joint marine protected area, the US Secretary of State John Kerry said Monday. He also announced a new trip to the island in January 2016. Read More

TS Joaquin becomes a hurricane over The Bahamas

Tropical storm Joaquin gained considerable strength in the last 24 hours, reaching the category of hurricane on Wednesday. Read More

Supermoon eclipse can be seen throughout Cuba

A total supermoon eclipse can be seen in all the Cuban territory on Sunday September 27, the first of these phenomena since 1982 according to NASA. The phenomenon can also be observed in most of the Americas, West Africa and Western Europe. Read More

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