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Through the social network Facebook, Steven S. Giegerich, US Consul General in Havana, answered the doubts of hundreds of users about the reduction of the B2 visa to a maximum of 3 months and a single entry for Cubans.

One of the most recurrent questions was whether people who currently have a B2 visa will be able to continue using it. For his part, the official replied: "The five-year multiple-entry B2 visas remain valid until their expiration date."

He said that the measure that entered into force on Monday March 18 will not be applied retroactively, that is, those who possess the type of visa for multiple entries may use it until its expiration date.

Likewise, Giegerich said that due to the reduction of personnel in the embassy of Havana, the new visa for three months will not be able to be requested at the US consular headquarters in the Cuban capital.

"Those Cubans who wish to apply for nonimmigrant visas can apply for this visa at any other US embassy or consulate in the world. To request a non-immigrant visa appointment, please visit and select a US embassy or consulate to schedule your interview, bearing in mind that the applicant must be physically present on the day of the interview. " , he maintained.

In addition to these concerns, some took the opportunity to ask questions about the Cuban Family Reunification Program (CFRP).

Ariadna Barrera Ramos was one of more than 700 users who wrote to the official to clarify their doubts. "Hello, when you will resume the CPRF please, understand that it is necessary to resolve it, we need our family," he said.

According to Giegerich, because of the reduction of personnel in the embassy in Havana, this program of Parole is suspended.

"The Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security are determining the provisions for processing applications under the Cuban Family Reunification Program (CFRP). We will be communicating any plan on the matter as soon as it is determined ", answered all the doubts on this subject.

Three days ago, the Cubans woke up with the news that as of March 18, 2019 the validity of the B2 visa would be reduced to a maximum of 3 months and a single entry.

According to a statement read by Mara Tekach, the Chargé d'Affaires of the US embassy in Havana, "the State Department is reducing the validity of the B2 visa to three months, a single entry for Cuban citizens, to coincide with the shorter validity of the Cuban government for US citizens in similar categories. "

The official clarified that this measure is applied to the category of B2 visa - tourism, family visits, medical treatment - and other categories of visa are not being changed for Cuban citizens.

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