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August 25th

Señal ACN TV, one year of fruitful work

The results of the first year of operations of the TV channel "Señal ACN" of the Cuban News Agency, were highlighted on by Rolando Alfonso Borges, head of the Ideological Department of the Cuban Communist Party Central Committee. Read More

Cuba celebrates Benny More birthday

The program involved the workshop Thinking of Benny (Pensar en el Benny), that approached impact of his music in Latin America, and a concert. Read More

August 24th

Maraguán continues its highly-successful tour across Europa

Formed basically by students of the University of Camagüey, the ensemble received continuous enthusiastic ovations in the abovementioned festival, one of the oldest international events on folklore and traditions. Read More

Joaquin Cuartas: genius and figure

Joaquin Cuartas is an endangered species, at least in most of the world: he is a radio soap opera writer. "I am a man of the radio, the radio is my nurturing mother, undoubtedly I am interested in other media, other arts, but the radio can not be exchanged by any of them." Read More

Female Son group to debut in London

Morena Son composed of seven young women instrumentalist-singers, who promote the traditional music of the Island, specifically the repertoire of Miguel Matamoros, Compay Segundo and Sindo Garay. Read More

Two cuban maintain their positions as members of the IAAF

Olympic legends Sebastian Coe and Sergei Bubka were elected IAAF Vice Presidents today, possible future candidates to replace the head of the world athletics governing body, while two Cuban "Maria Charity Columbus (Womens Committee) and Juantorena (Directive Council)" maintain their positions Read More

Cuban official says election airtight

The preparatory process of next general elections in the island is ruled by a tight program. October 21 is the date to elect delegates to the Peoples' Power municipal assemblies in the island Read More

Hip arthroscopy results will be presented at International Orthopedic Congress

The event, sponsored by the International Society of Orthopedic Surgery and Traumatology and the Spanish Arthroscopy Association, will be held in Vinales, Pinar del Rio. Read More

Renewable energy in Cubas Sierra Maestra mountains

Hydroelectric power and solar energy are serving communities of the Sierra Maestra, the nations most important mountain range that includes part of Guama municipality of Santiago de Cuba province. Read More

USDA announces sales to Cuba

Private exporters reported to USDA export sales of 100,000 metric tons of hard red winter wheat for delivery to Cuba during the 2007/2008 marketing year. The marketing year for wheat began June 1. Read More