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Nomination of candidates to take place in September

The training lectures for the members of the 15,236 electoral commissions for upcoming elections in cuba concluded on Thursday with a positive outcome. The assemblies for the nomination of candidates will be held from September 1-26 at 50,635 nomination sites across the country Read More

Cuban 5 Case in New York Times

The daily reports on relevant aspects of the case, among them the hearing where the Five were sentenced, appeals, next August 20 hearing, and their prestige in the island, where they are renowned as Heroes of the Republic of Cuba. Read More

Nica medical students return home

You are the new men and women Nicaragua needs, said the Nicaraguan Ambassador to Havana on Saturday during a flag hand-over ceremony of the 1st "Vilma Espin" Nicaraguan Medical Brigade, expected to return home today. Read More

Cubas National Botanical Garden in full swing

Six hundred hectares dedicated to the most varied flora allow the visitor to get a closer look at some of the worlds extensive variety of plants Read More

Increasing women participation in revolution programs

The participation of Cuban women in the social programs developed the Cuban Revolution has continued to grow in 2007. Read More

Fidel Castro's reflections: Politics and Sport

"These citizens should not expect to be arrested in any way, and much less with the methods that the United States government uses in Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo that are never used in our country," Castro wrote Read More

The Cuba-Mexico smuggling route

The Mexico route is more dangerous than a direct, 90-mile voyage from Cuba to Florida, but there is less chance the U.S. Coast Guard will intervene. Read More

Cubans cool off with books this summer

In addition of selling books, the initiative includes literary gatherings, concerts, performances by troubadours, as well as dance and theater activities. Read More

Second win for Cuban Female Volleyballl Team

Cuba only used an hour of playing with sets 25.-17, 25-17 and 25-14 in their favour, while Kazakhstan got its second defeat in Group A. Read More

Cuba graduates handicapped in computer

With their high-quality service and information-educational value, those centers give curses of varied content going from the basic tools of office automation to different programming languages. The Community Computer Club has graduated over one million of Cubans, since it foundation in 1987. Read More