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Varadero Jam Session from September 5 to 9

Under the presidency of Chucho Valdés, the meeting will have a yearly frequency in that western part of Cuba, famous for its natural splendor, warm and crystalline beach and the spiritual wealth of the province to which it belongs Read More

The age of bad manners

Several factors have brought about indiscipline and the loss of basic social values during the years of the economic crisis in Cuba. The debate is in every corner of the country, even political and academia circles. Cuban society increasingly questions how far the loss of essential educational values, norms of coexistence and respect towards fellow human beings has gone. Something manuals used to call "good manners." Read More

Cuban experts boost occupational therapy

TOXIMED professionals assess chemical, physical and psychological risks affecting specific work places. Read More

Tínima malt gains ground on Cuban market

According to experts, the drink is highly demanded by Cubans, due to its high quality and presentation. The factory, which is equipped with German technology, can produce 21,000 boxes of malt a day Read More

FAO praises Cuban aid to others

Arias considered Cuba a close collaborator of that international entity and referred to the agreement through which FAO can include 200 Cuban technicians for those projects. Read More

Yusa in Brazil

The show is the artist's response to an invitation of the Cultural Center of Spain in Sao Paulo. Despite this is Yusa's first concert in the South American country, she's well-known by the Brazilian public for her participation in the Planetary trio along with Brazilian composer/singer Lenine and Argentine percussionist Ramiro Musotto. Read More

Cuba boosts artificial fish raising

As part of that strategy, a major program to raise tilapia artificially for the domestic market and export is being carried out in the eastern Cuban province of Camagüey. Read More

Cuba stays firm against nukes

Peace is international cooperation, assured Rodriguez at the ceremony honoring the victims of the US nuclear attacks on Japanese civilians. He reminded that Cuba's policy relies on peace and solidarity with all the peoples of the world, especially in the poorer countries, where it develops several health care and education projects. Read More