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85th Anniversary of cuban radio

The radio has always been in our lives, still is, although we are not very aware of its presence. Grandiloquent or modest, with loud speakers or almost whispering. The radio has been the greatest chronicler of a full century. Of an epoch. Read More

Eastern cuban pipe factory boosts water projects

HolgPlast has a production capacity to deliver about ten thousand tons per year of pipes of different diameters within the range between 90 and 355 millimeters in diameter in one of its extruders, and from 400 millimeters up to 1,000 millimeters in the other high-density polyethylene extrusion machine. Read More

Dean leaves a trail of destruction in Mexico, but no victims

Now it remains to quantify the damage in all its magnitude and begin reconstruction works which, for many, will be by their own means if the governments do not fulfill their promises. Read More

Federation of Cuban Women reaches its 47 anniversary

This year, there wont be any parties on this date, because of Vilma Espins death, who devoted her whole life to defend womens rights, the activities will be developed to pay homage to this woman. Read More

The empire tastes an unprecedented moral defeat

Fidel Castro addresses the latest hearing of the Cuban Five, attended by a host of supportive world figures on Monday 20 at the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals in Atlanta. He highlights the participation of 73 internationally personalities renowned for their expertise in international law. In this light, it has become evident and irrefutable that the charges for which the five men were arrested and convicted were fraudulent Read More

Cuban scientists contribute to the development of Ornithology

Thanks to the ringing process, 300 pink flamingos are now identified in the Rio Maximo National Animal Refuge, in Camaguey, which has the largest flock of these birds in all the Caribbean Read More

Cuban students enrich knowledge

All of them jointly plan to recognize teachers' efforts to train nearly 3,000 students. Read More

Cuban Foreign Ministry denounces new US violation of migratory accords

The Cuban Foreign Ministry (MINREX) issued a declaration on Wednesday denouncing the most recent US violation of the bilateral migratory accords. Read More

Cuba to Host International Conference on Mental Health

Experts from 15 countries of the world will attend the 4th International Congress on Psychiatry and Psychology "PSICOHABANA 2007" to be held September 3-7 at Havana's Psychiatric Hospital. Read More

Clinton takes the bait on Cuba

Hillary Clinton said she would continue the Bush administration's hard-line stance, for the most part. Clinton's campaign said she agrees that exiles should be able to freely send money to their relatives but said she does not favor ''any wholesale, broad changes'' to the travel restrictions Read More