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Doctor educated in Cuba heads home to Sicaya in Peru

After graduating as a specialist in General Medicine from Havanas Latin American School of Medicine, Ernesto Barzola went on to do a Master in Medical Emergency. He is now ready to return to serve his hometown. Read More

Undefeated Cuba Vs. USA in Junior Baseball semifinals

Cuba plays the United States Friday in the semifinals of the 2007 Confederation of Pan American Baseball Federations "AAA" Pan Am Junior Championships for players 18-and-under taking place in Ixtapa, Mexico. Read More

Everything is ready in Cuba for 2007/2008 School Year

Education Minister was enthusiastic about preparations. He noted that many schools had received repairs, school materials purchased in far off countries arrived on time and that the number of teachers continues to increase. Read More

Organic fertilizers replenish farmers overworked plots

According to official data from 2006, more than 60 percent of land in Cuba is arable. But of the 6.6 million hectares of farmland, only 3.1 million are currently under cultivation, of which approximately 1.2 million are planted in sugarcane, 180,000 in rice and 806,300 in a variety of vegetables, fruits and grains. Read More

Angola: talk on angolan pantheon in Cuba happens Friday

The expert will focus his lecture on the notable perpetuation, in that Caribbean island, of the ritual practices named Reglas del Palo Congo and Mayombe. Read More

Cuba, the adventure to enjoy in their depths

<span>The natural richness of the insular marine shelf of Cuba reaches continental scales, diving is an attraction for many visitors and Cuba is one of the best places to carry out this activity.<span> </span>Moreover, Cuba is considered today for many divers the ideal place to make their job because there are essential factors to achieve their objectives.</span> Read More

Savigne wins gold for Cuba in triple jump

Cuba&#39;s Yargelis Savigne got gold, Russia&#39;s Lebedeva silver and Hrysopiyi Devetzi of Greece won bronze. Read More

YM BioSciences USA cleared by US FDA to initiate Phase II clinical trial of nimotuzumab in children with inoperable cancer

This is the first occasion, to the knowledge of the Company, in which a clinical trial has been cleared by the FDA for a drug of Cuban origin. Read More

Cuba has best average of teachers per inhabitant

Cuba has one general teacher per 15 high school students and one general teacher per classroom at the technical colleges. Read More

Brazil will celebrate 2007 World Judo

The event guarantees classification places for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China, with the participation of 776 athletes, from powerful countries like Japan, Russia, Holland, France and Cuba. Read More