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Cinema Plaza 2007: Homage to Pablo, Massip, and Piard

Competing works, in different genres make up a catalogue that covers from fiction to the documentary, experimental videos in the different variants of the video clip, advertisements and animation and in the fields dedicated to cinema and with the inclusion, in the contest of unpublished scripts Read More

Los Van Vans recording production in style

This work includes the tour performed in Cuba, from east to west, and a 3-hour-&-a-half concert at the Karl Marx Theatre in Havana. Read More

Partying with a childrens theatre group

The theatre 'Las estaciones' season opens at the Guiñol Nacional de Cuba with the plays; La virgencita de bronce, El patico feo and La niña que riega la albahaca y el príncipe preguntón. Read More

Forum on cooks and journalism in Cuba

This course will be delivered by Victor Ego Ducrot, journalist, writer, and professor from the Journalism and Social Communication Faculty of the National University of La Plata (UNLP) Read More

Liuba María Hevia's disc 'Secretos cantados'

Travesía Mágica (2001) is Hevias first disc with songs for children now followed by Secretos cantados (Bis Music), a sort of tour de force because it rejoices those themes we all remember from childhood. Read More

World Youth Championships cancelled

Venezuela will make an appeal to the Executive Committee of the IBAF regarding the unilateral decision made by that organizations president, Harvey Schiller, to cancel the championship Read More

Bulletin Hurricane Dean intermediate advisory number 21a, core of Hurricane Dean passes well south of Puerto Rico

At 800 am ast...1200z...the center of hurricane Dean was located near latitude 15.4 north longitude 67.9 west or about 615 miles-990 km east-southeast of Kingston Jamaica and about 250 miles-400 km south-southeast of Santo Domingo in the Dominican Republic. Read More

Osvaldo Mitat realesed from a Miami prison

Osvaldo Mitat and Santiago Álvarez Fernandez-Magriñá, were convicted in the United States for illegal possession of arms and explosives. Read More

Scorpion toxin used in Cuba to fight cancer

They have the technology to have them reproduce in captivity to obtain the toxin, and that once their toxin based product is patented they will increase prudction so as to meet domestic and foreign demands. Read More

Cuba looks at Orthopedics

Issues like invasive minimum surgery, osteoporosis, asthroscopy, tibia osteothomy will be on the table of the event. Read More