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"The Night of the Innocents": Cubas most popular film so far this year

"La noche de los inocentes" (The Night of the Innocents) by film producer Arturo Sotto, is the third full-length feature produced by Cuba in 2007 and its greatest box office success so far. A poll taken on the island evaluated it as enjoyable, positive, realistic, well-acted and non-violent position. Read More

Cuba for preventing and controlling dengue

Physicians, virologists, sociologists, epidemiologists, among other experts, are due to analyze dengue and its hemorrhagic ways, initiatives for treatment, control strategies, prognosis scores, structure and genome of the infectious agent. Read More

Cuba still undefeated in Baseball Tournament in the Netherlands

Cuba downed the Netherlands 5-2 on Sunday in the third day of competitions of the 11th International Baseball Tournament of Port Cities that is underway in the Dutch city of Rotterdam. Read More

Cuba edges Japan to complete sweep in week one of FIVB's Grand Prix

Two-time Grand Prix champions Cuba completed the first weekend of preliminary round action in the women's Grand Prix of the International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) with a 3-2 victory over host Japan at Ariake Colosseum in Tokyo on Sunday. Read More

Cuba displays cardiac rehabilitation achievements at world forum

Cuba has a Community Cardiac Rehabilitation Program, which is dedicated to prevention, diagnosis, treatment and recovery of patients, which includes medical attention for children with congenital heart problems, for whom a pediatric cardiology network is being developed and which has helped decrease child mortality. Read More

Cuba acquires new modern jet

The first of three modern TU-204 jets purchased by Cuba from Russia arrived to Havanas Jose Marti International Airport on Sunday. Read More

Six kilograms soursop in Cuba

This is the third time he picks up a fruit with peculiar size, so his family preferred not to eat it to show it people. Read More

New brand of cuban condoms

Cuban marketing and advertising experts designed the new brand after the US nongovernmental organization Population Services International (PSI) stopped collaborating with the island nation. Read More

Cuban Botanical Garden has 400 orchid breeds

The centennial Garden completed its reserves by adding Palmira municipality Macrademia Garden, that hosts unique breeds. Cuba owns 49 endemic orchids, plus curiosities like leafless Afilas, and others that rank among the world's tiniest orchids. Read More

Memories of a unique childhood

Colmenas was the name originally given to homes in Cuba and Nicaragua that, starting in 1979, were made available to mothers who were combatants and activists of the guerrilla organization so that they had a safe place to raise their children and those of other rebels. Read More