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Jose Fernandez Milera: an expert on Cuba Mollusks

The senior Cuban scientist, winner of the 2006 National Oceanic Science Award, donated his collection of 35,000 mollusk shells to the Institute of Ecology of the Cuban Academy Science Read More

Cuban journalist Juan Emilio Friguls died

Juan Emilio Friguls Ferrer, dean of the journalists of the Island, died in Havana at the age of 88. Read More

Cubas womens volleyball team undefeated at Grand Prix

After two straight set victories, the Cubans had to battle from behind to defeat the home team Japan. The Cuban team now travels to Russia where it will play on October 10 against the United States; on the 11th against Kazakhstan and the 12th against the home team. Read More

Gold medals for Cubas National Ballet Company

Alicia Alonso talks about her companys French season, she also spoke about the importance of the venues were they performed, including the Grand Palais of Paris, one of the most emblematic theatres of Paris Read More

PETROCARIBE advances towards energy integration

The agenda includes finding ways to revert asymmetric fuel access, boost fair exchange, and promote energy policy coordination, technological cooperation and alternative energy sources. Read More

New Cuban 5 Judiciary Process

The August 20 hearing at the US Court of Appeals 11th Circuit in Atlanta on the case of five Cuban anti-terrorist fighters will be another step in that tortuous judiciary process, Cuban journalists denounced. Read More

Cuban polls: neither postulations, nor political campaigns

Neither an electoral poster requesting vote for any candidate nor promises later broken as happen in electoral processes of other countries will be seen in Cuba. Only candidates' biography will be put in public place, so the voters have an idea of their profiles. Read More

Fifth consecutive win for Cuba in Baseball Tournament in Rotterdam

Cuba edged Chinese Taipei 6-5 in 13 innings on Tuesday during the sixth day of competitions of the 11th International Baseball Tournament of Port Cities that is underway in the Dutch city of Rotterdam and in the process remained undefeated in five outings. Read More

Fidel Castro: A written record

The Revolution has kept its word. It promised to treat the two athletes in a humane fashion, to reunite them with their families immediately, offer them access to the press if they so requested it and provide them with decent employment in accordance with their experience. We have also diligently cared for their health, as we do with all citizens. Read More

Mexican authorities denounced illegal trafficking of undocumented cubans

Cuban pays between 10 000 and 12 000 dollars which includes the departure on speed boats from Cuba's western coasts to Quintana Roo. Read More