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August 26th

Cuba will train Detroit doctors

Cass tech grads firs in midwest to receive scolarships from Cuba Read More

Summer book fair in Havana: reading in the Prado

Thousands of Cubans of all ages attended this gathering to promote literature and many other forms of arts Read More

August 25th

Ecological agriculture improves quality of life of diabetic patients

A research project on the use of ecological produce as main diet for diabetic patients has thus far resulted in the improvement of quality of life with less medication requirements. Read More

Lion fish specimens found in cuban coastal waters

Cuban specialists have captured two lion fish specimens in the keys located north of the Cuban central province of Villa Clara, 270 kilometers from Havana. Read More

Cuban rowers in Germany for World Championship in Munich

A small team of Cuban rowers led by World Cup winner Ismaray Marrero is training in Germany to participate in the 26th World Championship in Munich. Read More

Japanese parliamentary official visits Cuba

The vice president of the Japanese House of Representatives, Katahiro Yokomichi, arrived in Cuba Thursday on an official visit at the invitation of the Cuban Parliament President Ricardo Alarcon de Quesada. Read More

Cuban and Mexican Universities sign cooperation agreement

The Mexican Autonomous University of Puebla and the Cuban University of Camaguey have signed an agreement seeking to boost the scientific and academic exchanges established between the two countries over the last 15 years Read More

Casa de las Américas of Cuba honoured by its integrating character

Casa de las Américas was founded in April 1959 as an space for meeting and dialogue from different perspectives within a renovating ideas environment. This organism carries out non-governmental activities aimed to develop and to Wide the sociocultural relations with the peoples of Latin America, the Caribbean and the rest of the world Read More

Klasen, the critical seducer at the National Museum of Fine Arts.

This summer showcase Obras 1965-2006 gathers 29 paintings and 20 photographs in the lower story of the National Museum of Fine Arts. Read More

The other cavern of the Beatles

With a life-size sculptural group of the artists catches the eye: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star, in an atmosphere that seems they would join in with their voices and guitars to revive the excitement of their glorious days. Read More