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GIRBAU, 8 Million Euros in Laundry Equipment to Cuba

Girbau equipment can be seen in hospitals, homes for the elderly and some self-service outlets. Asked about plans for this year, the company's executive said sales would be in the order of 8 million euros, 2 million over last year's exports to Cuba. Girbau estimates business with Cuba can grow up to 20 percent per year. Read More

PDVSA- CUPET go for oil offshore Cuba

The first offshore oil exploration project in Cuba's Exclusive Economic Zone was announced on Wednesday by two business partners, Venezuela's Oil Corporation (CVP) and the host Cuba's CUPET. Read More

Cuba embraces migration to free and open source software

Cuba's government is trying to shake off the yoke of at least one capitalist empire "Microsoft" by joining with socialist Venezuela in a program to convert its computers to open-source "free" software. Read More

Children to benefit from Jamaican/Cuba Eye-care Programme

Young children afflicted with the eye disease "Strabismus" commonly known as 'crossed-eye' will be involved in an extensive outreach exercise courtesy of the Jamaican/Cuba Eye-care Programme. Read More

Cuban and Chinese Armies Strengthen Friendship

The Cuban Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR) reiterated on Wednesday their friendship and cooperation ties with the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in a ceremony to commemorate the 80th anniversary of the PLA foundation. Read More

Belgian Trade Unionists Reiterate Solidarity with Cuba

The General secretary of the Socialist Union of the Belgian province of Limburg, Gaby Jaenen, said on Wednesday in Havana that the labor organizations that visit the island are becoming ambassadors of the Cuban people. Read More

A Night in Havana: A 90th Birthday Tribute to Dizzy Gillespie, August 28th at the Harris Theater

The Jazz Institute of Chicago will present a gala celebration of the moment that changed jazz forever: when Dizzy Gillespie visited the Caribbean island of Cuba, featuring an heir to Dizzy's legacy; Jon Faddis with Cuban pianist Gonzalo Rubalcaba, bebop orginial James Moody and world class percussionists Giovanni Hidalgo and Ignacio Berroa in a program celebrating the profound transformation Gillespie's love of Latin rhythms made to legacy of jazz. Read More

Fidel Castro says Cuba 'marching ahead'

HAVANA"Fidel Castro said Wednesday that Cuba is "marching ahead" without him in power, insisting that he is consulted on all important decisions but giving no hint about when"or if"he might retake office after stepping down one year ago. Read More

Michael Moore has been served with a subpoena over his controversial trip to Cuba

Michael Moore has been served with a subpoena by the US government over his controversial trip to Cuba for his latest documentary Sicko. Read More

Alejandro de Humboldt National Park: Claimed for Nature Tourism

Alejandro de Humbodlt National Park, located in Holguín and Guantánamo provinces, and declared World Heritage by UNESCO, is a claimed scenery for all nature tourism modes. Read More