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In Pinar del Río, Cuba exhibits "A homage to Joaquín Crespo Manzano"

For 50 years he has perforated wood, metal, linoleum and stone, teaching his pupils the secrets of engraving and becoming one of the most outstanding promoters of this art in Cuba during the second half of the twentieth century. Read More

In Las Tunas, Cuba: Plastic Artists Receive Prizes

The current reality, expressed by means of aesthetic speeches of high quality, is evident in the pieces Pensar y Actuar, by Annia López Rivero, and Trinchera, by Gabriel Cisneros, and Sin piel hacia mi sombra, by José Enrique Valdés, rewarded in the exhibition The Plastic Art in April. Read More

Cuban Flora Inspires Cuban Artist

The Cuban flora has inspired artist Jorge Duporté, who has created beautiful stained-glass windows.Duporté, who has a gallery-workshop in the community Las Terrazas, has participated in 50 exhibitions. Read More

Cubas Sorolla Collection in Spain

The exhibition is the first joint project between Caixa Galicia and the Cuban museum after the signing of a special agreement on bilateral collaboration last year aimed at promoting exhibitions of Galician painters in Cuba and Cuban expositions in Galicia. Read More

Cuban naïf painting to Luxemburg

Different pieces from the painter from Pinar del Río Pedro Blanco Aroche, famous representative of naïf art in Cuba, will be exhibited on the month of May in the kingdom of Luxemburg, Western Europe. Read More

In Sancti Spiritus, Cuba: Second Biennial of Artistic Ceramic EnBarrArte 2008

The second Biennial of Artistic Ceramic EnBarrArte 2008 began to be held in Santi Spiritus, with the presence of a twenty of creators from seven territories of the island. Read More

Cuban painter Nelson Domínguez to exhibit most recent pictorial work in Japan

The Cuban painter, drawer and illustrator Nelson Domínguez exhibits his most recent pictorial production at the Miurart Village Museum, found in the city of Matsuyama, Japan, informed the Cuban Embassy in that nation. Read More

A wonderful tribute to the Cuban painter Wilfredo Lam

With his engrossing Flor luna (Moonflower), artist Wifredo Lam delivers the portrait of a woman with generous breasts, thorns in her hair (or is it a mane?), a Bogeyman face and a horse-like mouth rendered the more grotesque by what appears to be an engorged fang. Read More

"Larios" workshop gallery and its history in Camagüey, Cuba.

"Larios" workshop gallery remains as a delusion of grandeur trace left by those enormous housings built during the 18th century in the former village of Santa María del Puerto del Príncipe. Read More

Association of Cuban Writers and Artists Grants Prizes to Erotic Art Exhibition in Las Tunas, Cuba

The work entitled Without Skin toward My Shade, Narcissus, by the plastic artist José Enrique Valdés Cano, received the Great Prize of the second Erotic Art Exhibition, inaugurated in the building of the Association of Cuban Writers and Artists, in this eastern province Las Tunas. Read More

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