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August 27th

Computing Young Clubs inn its final straight of the celebrations for the 20 anniversary

With this exhibition that will be until next September 2nd it is show the development of the Young Clubs of Computing and Electronics (JCCE, in spanish). The JCCE is the only project in the world that drives the massive access to the new technologies of information and communications. Read More

August 26th

Reviving the promotion of magazines edited in Cuba

The previous can be said due to the presentation of three magazines edited in Cuba: Casa de las Américas, Revolución y cultura and Conjunto - made last Sunday at the Cultural House Raúl Anguiano, in honour of the 54 anniversary of the attack to the Moncada barracks. Read More

Eusebio Leal, Havana historian is invited to deliver lecture at the ICOGRADA Foundation

The lecture is scheduled for October 25th, during the first session of the ICOGRADA General Assembly, which will be held at Havana's Fine Arts Museum. Read More

XI World Championship in Athletics: patience for a Cuban Medal

The XI World Championship in Athletics begins its history in the Japanese city of Osaka. Cuba is present with around 30 contestants in different modalities. Read More

Cuban singer continues his presentations in different regions of Spain

The representative of the so-called second Cuban new song movement shared the stage in Santiago de Compostela with his colleagues Xose Constenla and Javier Bergia from Madrid Read More

"El Loquito" in his 50th anniversary

"El Loquito" (Crazy Little Man), one of the now legendary characters of Cuban cartoons created by artist René de la Nuez that can be enjoyed at the Union of Cuban Artists and Writers (UNEAC) Villa Manuela Gallery. Read More

Cuban province set to become petrochemical complex for the Caribbean

The most notable aspect of that cooperation is precisely the opening of an Economic Association to strengthen agreements on energy security being developed by the ALBA. Read More

First jobs for new cuban graduates

In Cuba the state guarantees all graduates either job placements or continuity of their studies. "Thats part of the countrys employment policy," says Training and Development Director from the Ministry of Labor and Social Security Mario Miranda Marquez. Read More

Anti-erosive measures applied in Cuba to figt soil erosion

Cuba also has increased the production of organic fertilizers and biological resources for agriculture, to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers that pollute environment Read More