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More than 650 thousand Latin Americans recover sight

More than 650 thousand Latin Americans and Caribbean people have recovered their sight thanks to the eye-surgery Operation Miracle program, an initiative promoted by Cuba and Venezuela. Read More

New investment support ALBA projects in Cuba

Cuba's CIMEX Corporation is undertaking a series of construction works to support the operations of educational centers receiving Latin American students in the country and to benefit the local population in several Cuban provinces. Read More

Cuban lawmaker highlights contribution by doctors to Bolivia

Cuban lawmaker Jorge Gonzalez praised the work of over 1,000 doctors from his country in Bolivia by noting that nearly five million Bolivians have already been assisted in outpatient consultations. Gonzalez, who is also a physician, heads the Medical and Sports Commission of the Cuban Parliament. Read More

Ibero American Film Festival in Cuba

The 13th Ibero American Film Festival is starting in the Cuban central province of Ciego de Avila on June 21. It will be dedicated this year to the 110th anniversary of the island's cinematography. Read More

Sinfonia Ecologica Brasilena in Havana

The Brazilian musical group Sinfonia Ecologica Brazilena has been welcomed by the Cuban audience and critics of Havana during its performance at Karl Marx theater. This group was conceived as a project by the remarkable stage director José de Possi Neto and the Symphonic Orchestra of Campinas, a city located 90 kilometers northwest of Sao Paulo. Read More

Chilean theatre to Havana

The Chilean company Teatro La Mancha returned to Cuba to present Cara de hereje -one of its most acclaimed performances- and to give a workshop on its aesthetic releases. It first can be seen at Sala Llauradó, from where itll move on to the rest of the country. Read More

Cuba and Chile will resume direct flights between Havana and Santiago

Cuban airline "Cubana de Aviación" will resume direct flights between Havana and Santiago de Chile next January as it was announced during a meeting with tour-operators of that South American country that took place in the Chilean capital. Read More

Cubas literacy method high in the Andes

Surrounded by notebooks and in front of a television broadcasting the second part of the Yes, I Can literacy program, equivalent to 3rd and 4th grades, the 34-year-old man optimistically assures, "Now things are different; the people know that they cannot be cheated if they learn how to read." Read More

New Latin American Medical School in Cuba

The inauguration of a new Latin American School of Medicine (ELAM) in Cuba favors about five hundred Bolivian students from the regions of Santa Cruz and Potosi. The students will soon begin classes for their formation as doctors, and will be a great support to their country since the department of Santa Cruz is the largest in the country. Read More

President Hugo Chavez ends working visit to Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez returned home to Caracas on Wednesday after a one-day working visit to Cuba that included an extensive meeting with President Fidel Castro. Read More

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