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Banana clusters that could set Guinnes records

The stalk is one meter and 20 centimeters long, and one of its hands has 28 units. The cluster as a whole weights 125 pounds. Read More

Bolshoi Ballet: Spartacus is Carlos Acosta

The company hasn't had a truly memorable Spartacus since Irek Mukhamedov threw off his shackles and flew. Now it has. Cuban Carlos Acosta. Read More

Holguin commemorates Radio Angulo's 71 anniversary

In August the first, 1936 CMKO went in the air for the first time, and 71 years later the workers of Holguin province radio broadcasting system keep on been faithful to the memory of Manuel Angulo Farran Read More

Cuban cyclist gets gold at World Juniors

Iraida Garcia got her victory in the scratch modality after covering a seven-and-half-kilometer race. Read More

Infant death rate under 3 in Sancti Spiritus

Another relevant feature of the program is the fact that the provincial maternity hospital, where the 60 per cent of deliveries of the territory take place, reports cero deaths since February this year. Read More

In Cuba the land can produce anything, if worked properly

"If you work it properly, the land here can produce anything, and with a guaranteed market. Cuba is an agricultural country. We should not have to import food," says Rubén Torres, who has made a success of farming outside of the city of Santa Clara in central Cuba. Read More

Head of Cuban Interests Section in Washington denounced the US Government's non compliance of the Migration Accords

Cuba will keep on doing its best efforts to have a legal, safe and orderly migration, complying with its obligations with these accords. The United States must act in the same way; otherwise it shall assume the responsibility of the non-compliance of its compromises. Read More

Cuba might skip Chicago boxing meet after defections, says Castro

Castro has lashed out on several occasions against what he calls the theft of developing nations' sporting and scientific talent by industrialized nations. Read More

Cuba attends Beijing olympics preparation meeting

The Beijing Olympic Games will kick off on August 8, 2008 at exactly 8:08 p.m. Yestarday was the beginning of the one-year countdown to what many hope will be "the best games in history," as frequently stated by International Olympic Committee (IOC) Honorary President Juan Antonio Samaranch Read More