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Choosing the musical piece of 2007 Holguin Carnivals

The people will know the jury's decision during the show to be held today at night in front of La Periquera, National Monument. Read More

To rescue the "guayabera", symbol of Cuban identity

Today the San Cristóbal municipality will be the host of the Guayabera Dance so we will realize how much we can do in every territory to rescue our roots. This event gives the traditional music lovers the possibility to enjoy all the Cuban genres, always wearing this simple and elegant garment. Read More

Cuban homeruns defeat Japan

Cuba beats Japan 11-3 and gave its second success in the event. Two homeruns by first baseman Jose Julio Ruiz and one by Yosvani Peraza sentenced the match in favor of the Cuban team, now leaders of the event, with two wins in he same number of opportunities. Read More

Cuba: new refrigerators save energy in Sancti Spiritus

Over 70 000 units already replaced have allowed the saving of 6 megawatts. This is a significative figure for this territory where it has been reported 104 megawatts during the peak hours. It is estimated that the present program will save 1 000 million dollars per year in the country. Read More

Cuba a major Conference destination in Latin America

Cuba is recognized as one of the most appealing venues in Latin America for the holding of conferences, congresses, conventions and similar types of gatherings, according to a report issued by Cubas Ministry of Tourism. Read More

First cuban cochlear implant in a child of eight months

Eight-month-old Dianelys Perez suffered meningitis that endangered her life and left her deaf, and the surgical implant should recover her hearing Read More

Cubans enjoy constitutional right to vote

Citizens' participation in the general elections in Cuba is an expression of the democratic nature of the system in place on the Caribbean island. Read More

A Reflection of on Hard and Obvious Realities: Fidel Castro

Reflections about an information published by the Russian news agency Ria Novosti in which Colonel General Leonid Ivashov, a defense expert, stated that the main instrument of the US policy is the economic, financial, technological and military dictate. Read More

Cuba contributing technical personnel to the FAO for cooperation in various countries

Francisco Arias Milla, the FAO representative in Cuba, concludes nearly five years work on the island by expressing his thanks for its governments solid support Read More