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The other cavern of the Beatles
Areplica of the Cavern of Liverpool, where The Beatles began their brilliant musical career opens its doors with tropical naturalness in Holguin, city in the Cuban eastern at 800 km from Havana.

"The Beatles, The Cavern" reads a text on a glass at the entrance of that recreational center and engraved in transparencies appear the faces of the four musicians and the words of the songs Imagine and Yesterday, two of their most famous songs.

A life-size sculptural group of the artists catches the eye: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Star, in an atmosphere that seems they would join in with their voices and guitars to revive the excitement of their glorious days.

The club name the drink of the house the cocktail Yesterday, made up of Cuban refined rum, liquors of anisette or coconut and lemon juice, mixed with ice frappe on the upper side of the glass and underneath as a magic support, liquor of mint. It is truly refreshing and exquisite.

Taking into account the regular attending public there's no doubt that this is a place to dress up nostalgia, but to enjoy a music that goes far beyond the frontiers of time.

Thus is confirmed by the diversity of ages of the hundred of people that visit the place every day, most of them very young people who didn't have the chance of meeting the Beatlemania of the 60's, 70's and 80's of the XX century, but who are equally fans.

They come in couples to drink beer and listen to the melodies made by the British quartet, as if 46 years had not gone by since they appeared in the world, in a club similar in style to that of Holguin.

Since the club opened on December 31, 2004, the corner of Maceo and Aguilera Streets became famous.

Every day a surprise of live music awaits for the visitor, with the performing and new arrangements of rock bands of the city: Retorno, S.O.S, Mephisto, Los Beltas, El Duo, and Raul and his Group.

And in special occasions, like the one coinciding with the Rock Festival Scratching the Nostalgia, come groups from other cities, like Los Moddys and Bouquet, from Cienfuegos; Imagen 4, from Santa Clara;, from Puerto Padre and Cubayanan, from Bayamo, among others.

Like George Harrison said once: "We love The Cavern more than anything; that was fantastic. We never lost our identity with the audience there; we played for our own fans who were people like us. They came when during lunch to listen to us and to give us their sandwiches so we could eat. We did the same thing, we ate our lunch while we played. It was spontaneous, everything was ideal."

The Beatles filled the universe once with songs like Yesterday, the most broadcasted song of all times and the most recorded in the history of pop music with over three thousand versions, an anthem of love and Hey Jude, one of the most sold singles in the world.

Somehow the new rockers make a bomb in The Cavern of Holguin, with the same passion to that of The Beatles, clinging to a legacy and knowingly that no matter how hard they try they will never be able to surpass that spirit of the time of the boys from Liverpool.

Source: By Dania Marrero Carralero, Cubarte

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