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Cuba-China Taipei, for gold tomorrow at World Port Baseball Tournamentin

The Cubans will take on Chinese Taipei, who also beat the USA twice over the last 10 days, in the finals starting at 7 a.m. Eastern. Read More

Ready to begin the shooting of The Horn of Abundance

As explained the coauthor of Strawberry and Chocolate, The Horn of Abundance will win the Coral award for comedy, with his method of making cinema within cinema; a quick-witted comedy, full of misunderstandings and unforeseen issues. The project will be a co-production between ICAIC and the Gerardo Herreras company Tornasol, with support of Ibermedia. Read More

Cuba shows its advances in Psicoballet

Among the achievements in this field it is worth mentioning the Psicoballet experience, a therapeutic method that starts from ballet, dance and psychology. The method aims to deal with the psychological and emotional imbalances. Read More

A documentary series about cuban personalities

Each documentary, which will last 45 minutes long, will be directed by famous movie makers from the island and the first one, by producer Otto Miguel Guzmán, will be dedicated to José Raúl Capablanca Read More

Edesio Alejandro: music is my life

He calls himself an artist in constant renovation, with the capacity to work on any style and technique. He cant imagine life if he hadnt been a musician. "Music is the best way I have to communicate with people but is also my real life" Read More

Cuba will plant 135 million trees

The Caribbean country hopes to cover 12.6 percent of the total planned by countries in the world. Read More

Cuba is free of dengue thanks to epidemiologic system

The country is free of infection thanks to the national sustainability program the country is carrying to fight the aedes aegypti's mosquito, carrier of the disease. Read More

Returned cuban boxers tell all

In an interview with journalist Julia Osendi, of Granma, they asserted that a German citizen, other of Cuban origin, who they identified as Alexis, and two Brazilians pressured them to not return to the competition. Read More

Cuban women to celebrate Anniversary of their Federation

Celebrating another anniversary of the foundation of the Cuban Women's Federation (FMC) on August 23rd, many activities will take place across the island to mark the date and to honor heroine Vilma Espin, who passed away a few weeks ago. Read More

Good evolution in the boy from Havana with a liver transplant

For a year Yosbel received medical treatment in his home and there also were everyday, the professors of the urban secondary school from Batabano, a municipality located 53 kilometres south of the Cuban capital, to teach him the 7th grade classes. Read More