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Beaches’ ecosystem under protection at the north side of Ciego de Ávila province

The construction of gangplanks on pivots from the hotels to the beaches is among the actions made in the north keys of Ciego de Ávila to preserve the coastal ecosystem. Read More

Turiguanó-Cayo Coco’s pathway is being refurbished, a famous resort in the area

A great impulse receives work restoration of highway linking keys from the north area to Ciego de Ávila mainland; this is due to a national program of roads rehabilitation. Read More

Leonel Suarez and Yolaine Domínguez: Best Athletes of the Year in Holguin Province

Decathlete Leonel Suarez Fajardo, a world silver medal winner, and rower Yolaine Domínguez Cedeño, a winner of three ALBA Games titles and seventh in the world rank, were chosen as the best athletes of the year in Holguín province. <br /> Read More

Cuba and Peru towards greater economic ties

Officials from Cuba and Peru met in Lima to exchange their points of view at the 2nd Meeting of the Commission for Consultation and Coordination, with the common interest of intensifying bilateral bonds, including those in the economic field. Read More

Endemic species protected at Nuevitas harbour

Those who work at Ballenato key and Mangroves in Nuevitas harbour, northern Camaguey, follow two goals which are the protection of the environment and promotion of friendly actions in favour of nature among the community.<br /> Read More

Cuban health collaborators end mission in Timor

A group of Cuban collaborators finished their mission here with the recognition of Timor’s authorities who highlighted their assistance and medical teaching. Read More

US suggested Mexico to break off diplomatic relations with Cuba in 1994

President of the Bank of Mexico (BANXICO) Guillermo Ortiz revealed on Friday that the United States suggested Mexico to break off with Cuba in 1994, in exchange for financial aid to overcome that country’s liquidity crisis.<br /> Read More

“The Other Side” Plastic Exhibition Opens in Bejucal, Havana province

Artist Daniel Arango Sandoval (Anamú) launched a Fine Art Exhibition at the “Mirta  Cerra” art gallery in the Havana municipality of Bejucal.<br /> Read More

World Premiere of " Storks in the Tropics" in Holguin province

The world premiere of the play “Cigüeñas en el trópico” (Storks in the tropics), by playwright Freddy Nuñez will take place early January in the Ismaelillo movie theatre at the eastern province of Holguin. Read More

“I'll See You In Cuba” a Pablo Menéndez latest album

As someone who has reviewed his share of Cuban music, I have to confess that I jumped to a premature conclusion when I received my review copy of the latest album from Pablo (Paul) Menéndez. Read More