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Musician in Florida city, Camaguey, form a duet

The name Dúo Marfil (Ivory Duo) is probably unfamiliar to many of Camagüey inhabitants though it is getting increasingly popular in nightclubs as well as radio and TV stations in Havana City. Read More

Viet Nam and Cuba with stronger ties on collaboration program

The Cuban collaboration with Vietnam in the construction field through the VIC joint venture was acknowledged in Hanoi in a meeting where the company received the third grade Order of Work. Read More

Cuban journalists have issued a note recalling the case of Cuban Five

The text denounces the violations committed during the process against the Five, the high court’s ruling also reflects their disdain for the Cuban people, who regard these men as heroes.<br /> Read More

Havana Book Fair with new books

The Havana's 19th International Book Fair that will take place from February 7 to Mars 7 next year and is to offer 5 thousand books. Read More

Comedian Carlos Ruiz warmly tells his experience on an Argentinean trip

The popular Cuban comedian Carlos Ruiz de la Tejera describes as impressive his recent trip to Paraguay and Argentina with the show Songs of Love and Life. Read More

Female presence in Che's guerrilla

&quot;I have devoted my life and strength to the most beautiful thing in this world, fighting for the freedom of mankind&quot;. Tania's statement. Read More

House building continues its growing trend in Pinar del Río province

The Construction Transport Enterprise TRAYCO of Pinar del Río has finished a whole figure of 259 houses as part of the Mambi project, reported engineer Osmel Delgado, Insurance director of the entity. Read More

Ciego de Ávila with positive sport results

Hockey-sports in the province of Ciego de Ávila closed 2009 with favourable results in several collective and individual disciplines both at national and international level.<br /> Read More

Cuba, protected areas and conservation policy

Cuba has now 10 new protected areas (PA) that increased to 45 those already existing in the country aimed at continuing the preservation and conservation policy of its natural resources. Read More

Cubans in Russia call for the end of US Blockade and Cuban Five’s release

In the first anniversary of the Association of Cuban Residents in Russia, they approved a statement rejecting the US blockade on the Island. Read More