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Fidel Castro awarded by the Cuban Association of Teachers in Cuba

The Association of Teachers of Cuba gave Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro the Outstanding Teacher of the Twentieth Century Award, for being an exceptional teacher of his people and revolutionaries the world over. Read More

19th International Book Fair in Havana is set for February 2010

The principle venues of the event will be the Morro-Cabaña Fortress as traditional, the centrally located Pabellon Cuba exhibit center and the Rancho Boyeros Fair grounds. Read More

A book entitled: Cubans and Canadians, A look on Cuba’s culture

What comes to mind when Canadians think of Cuba? Sunshine, scenery and beautiful beaches. We think of the fun of the inexpensive, all-inclusive vacation - and the welcoming nature of Cuba's people. Cuba is our getaway, our warm-weather haven that allows us to escape Canada's winter chill - even if that escape lasts only for a week or two. Read More

Van Van Orchestra ready for its USA Tour

Los Van Van, a cult band credited with reinventing salsa time and again since their debut in 1969, will be the latest group of Cuban artists to benefit from a quiet resumption of cultural exchanges under current U.S. President Barack Obama. Read More

Cubadisco 2010 Festival with many expectancies

The International 2010 Cubadisco Festival –which will hold country music as the main theme and improvisers from all over the world as guests of honour- will take place between May 15 and 23, 2010. Read More

National Social Sciences Awarded to Pedro Pablo Rodriguez

The 2009 National Social Sciences Award was on Monday presented to Pedro Pablo Rodriguez, who’s a researcher of the Jose Marti Research Center and professor at the Havana University.<br /> Read More

Guaguampiano a joint premiere by Frank Fernández and Los Muñequitos de Matanzas

Renowned Cuban musician Frank Fernández and the famous Los Muñequitos de Matanzas dance group starred on Sunday in the world premiere of the piece Guaguampiano at the Sauto Theater.<br /> Read More

Cuba already counts with a Planetarium

A Cuban planetarium opened in the historical centre of Havana, honoring the invention of the telescope by the Italian astronomer Galileo Galilei (1609-2009) four centuries ago.<br /> Read More

Holguin Already Has its Shaolin Chamber

The Kung Fu, a martial art of Chinese origin, escaped from the secret walls of the Shaolin temple to expand all across the world in many styles and different schools. Read More

Yumari Gonzalez leads Cuban Best Cyclists’ List in 2009

The gold and silver medals won by Yumari González in the World Championship held in Pruskow, Poland, allowed her to be elected as Cuba's best cyclist in 2009. <br /> Read More