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Silver and Bronze for Cuba at Cycling World Cup Stage in Cali, Colombia

Yumari Gonzalez and Lisandra Guerra won silver and a bronze medal, respectively, on Friday during the second day of competitions of the third stage of the Track Cycling World Cup that is underway in Cali, Colombia. Read More

Egrem Disc Company releases New Album

The country's oldest recording company EGREM has released this year the album "Cuba en vivo," with the most famous performances in the last several decades. Read More

“La teta asustada” film awarded at the Film Festival in Havana

“La teta asustada” (Peru), by Claudia Llosa, shows that beauty does not evade the arduous thing, that poetry appears amid the sordid and arid thing. <br /> Read More

New Communications Agreements signed by Cuba and Venezuela

Cuba and Venezuela will foster 71 new cooperation projects in the <br /> sectors of communications, the electronic industry, and radio and television in the context of the 10th Cuba-Venezuela Joint Commission which ended on Saturday in Havana. Read More

Cuban Parliament to discuss Budget Implementation throughout 2009

Members of the Cuban parliament will receive detailed information on the <br /> implementation of the 2009 budget and the proposals for 2010, among other aspects, prior to the fourth ordinary period of sessions of the 7th Legislature of the Cuban National Assembly (Parliament) scheduled for December 19th. Read More

24 Anecdotes about Fidel

US prize-winning documentary maker Estela Bravo made a special presentation at Havana’s Infanta Movie Theatre, on Thursday, about 24 Anecdotes, a 46-minute documentary that includes testimonies given by Cuban and foreign personalities on Revolution leader Fidel Castro. Read More

Dracula Latin Version premiered in Havana Film Festival

The Latin version of Drácula, (1931) by the American George Melford accompanied on the guitar by his compatriot Garry Lucas, was premiered in the Havana Film Festival last Friday. Read More

Latin American movie at Sierra Maestra ‘s mountain range

The New Latin American International Movie Festival is sending its message at the remote areas of the Sierra Maestra’s mountain range Read More

Indian first samples at the International Craftwork Festival, FIART

A group of artisans from India arrived in Cuba with great expectation to participate for the first time in the International Craftwork Festival (FIART Spanish acronym) taking place Havana from December 10 to 20. Read More

Fito Paez present during his film premiere at the Havana Film Festival

Fito Páez was in the rear row, Fernando Rubio and Gastón Pauls in the row in front of mine. The director, producer and the audience were listening to the singer reviving each sequence showed in the screen at La Rampa Cinema. Read More