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Cuba free of human rabies

Among action to reduce the infection is the free distribution of one million doses of anti-rabies vaccines, to immunize more than 90 percent of dogs with owner. Read More

The queen of fruits, the pineapple

An intense program is being implemented to rescue the pineapple plantations in Ciego de Ávila  province. Read More

Urban gardening in Outlaying Areas at Las Tunas province

One of the advantages pursued by the new sub-urban agriculture program is to bring production close to urban settlements and save important fuels and transportation means. Read More

Havana Films Festival’s awards and remarks

The Brazilian film industry has reaffirmed its strength at Havana New Latin American Film Festival by clinching 9 awards. Read More

Fibber optic will reach Cuba by means of a joint venture with Venezuela

The use of an international fibber optic will boost Cuba´s communication capacity, said Alberto Rodriguez, Deputy Minister of Information Technology and Communication.<br />   Read More

Polo Montañez Group sang for all at the Movie Festival

Sing again is the title of the documentary on Polo Montañez, by the group of audio-visual creation Producciones Villaverde, which competed in the 31st International New Latin American Movie Festival. Read More

Dictionary on Iberian-American Movie to be published in 2010

The first eight volumes of an Iberian American Movie Dictionary (DICC in Spanish) will see the light in April 2011 in Spain and afterward in Latin America, with an initial set of two thousand and 500 copies. Read More

African heritage towards a Conference in Santiago de Cuba province

The 11th International Conference on African and African-American Culture, to take place here next April, will shine new lights on the mark left by that continent in this geographical area, announced the organizers. Read More