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Two of the Cuban five for retrial

Earlier this year, a federal appeals court threw out the original sentences handed down for Ramon Labanino and Fernando Gonzalez, both 46, ruling that they were too harsh. Tuesday the pair will go before a judge to learn the lengths of their new sentences.<br /> Read More

Suburban agriculture in Camaguey

Two major reasons that justify the project aimed at the best use of the land, by eliminating the nasty bush known as marabú and employing the animal draught in the surroundings of Camagüey. Read More

Cuban ballet to perform in Toronto

After a triumphant European tour, world-class dancers Anette Delgado and Javier Torres of the National Ballet of Cuba will grace Greater Toronto Area stages with their unique and deeply sensuous art form. Read More

Coppola's film "Tetro" in Havana

The movie, filmed in black and white, recounts the story of two brothers separated from each other for years, who meet up again in Buenos Aires in order to face up to a secret that will change their relationship for ever. Read More

Che: The New Man

Another Argentine film, showing outside of the competition, and on its world premiere, is the documentary Che: The New Man, by the eminent director Tristán Bauer, which, as Alfredo Guevara, founder of ICAIC and the Festival, has said, is an attempt to show a more human side of the guerrilla. Read More

Inti Herrera pre recording “San Juán de los Muertos”

Inti Herrera reveals Cubasí that the pre-recording of the film San Juán de los Muertos begins in 2010, along with director Alejandro Brugués with whom he already made Personal Belongings. Read More

Cuban Residents in Colombia to meet on Saturday

Cuban residents in Colombia will meet on Saturday in this capital to reaffirm their loyalty to the social project of the island and demand the end of the US blockade against Cuba. Read More

Jardines de la Reina, largest marine reserve

The reefs of Cuba's Los Jardines de la Reina are protected from fishermen, pollution and fertilizer runoff. The waters are plentiful with huge fish, sharks, sea turtles and saltwater crocodiles. Read More