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Pandemic threat A (H1N1) influenza under control

Immunosuppression, an intrinsic feature during pregnancy and puerperium, is one of the essential indexes  to take into account when dealing with this segment of the population, at greater risk from A (H1N1) influenza. Read More

Visual Arts at Havana Film Festival

The 31st Havana International Festival of the New Latin American Film will include interesting art and photography exhibits, as part of collateral activities of the event. Read More

Chucho Valdés and Omara Portuondo Celebrate Grammy 2010 Nomination

The Cuban jazz musician Jesús Chucho Valdes said on Friday that he is very pleased with his Grammy 2010 nomination for the album "Juntos para siempre", which he qualified as historical. Read More

Spanish Cinema in Acapulco Movie, Havana

Acapulco movie is one of the most visited theaters in Havana and during the 31st edition of the International Film Festival of New Latin American Cinema, the Spanish exhibition will be presented in here as usual. Read More

Van Van short film to be premiered

The Cuban band Van Van celebrated here its first tour decades with the pre-preview of the documentary Eso que anda, a resume of its trajectory since December 4, 1969.<br /> Read More

Mats Ek to premiere Casi casa in Cuba

The Swedish dancer and choreographer Mats Ek, one of the most important examples of contemporary dance, will premiere here this week one of his most recent pieces, Casi casa. Read More

Robert Kraft to Give Lecture "Music in Cinema"

Widely known American Musician, Robert Kraft is to give a lecture at the National Hotel,as part of the program of the International Festival of New Latin American Cinema underway in Cuba.<br /> Read More

Hurricane Season ended without harm for Cuba

Only nine tropical storms emerged, of which only three became hurricanes, said Lixion Avila from the U.S. National Hurricane Center. Read More

Music in a friendlier overture between Havana and Washington

Well-known Cuban musicians are being granted visas to perform at U.S. venues in a sign that Obama's administration is quietly promoting cultural contacts as part of a strategy of warmer &quot;people to people&quot; ties with the Communist-run island. Read More

Embargo or blockade?

Cuba says the U.S. embargo keeps medical aid from reaching sick Cubans like this 1-year-old boy at a Havana hospital on Oct. 23.<br /> Read More