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A group of Cuban collaborators finished their mission here with the recognition of Timor’s authorities who highlighted their assistance and medical teaching.

During an addressee made to doctors and other personnel as well, Timor Health Vice Minister Madalena Fernandes Melo emphasized the work developed by the Cuban internationalist collaborators who gave their medical service for over five years.

Fernández Melo emphasized the opportunity to strengthen the links of joint work in this field with the Caribbean island and the possibility to broaden ties in other branches like electro medicine.

She was proudly talked about a Medicine Faculty with Cuban professors and pedagogical program  and students in every academic years of this career.

She highlighted a very special message of gratitude to the leader of the Revolution of the Antilles nation Fidel Castro and the Cuban Public Health minister Jose Ramon Balaguer.

The 11 specialists were welcomed at the Cuban embassy in Dili where they were gladly welcome by Cuban diplomats and other collaborators.

Source: Prensa Latina

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