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Parliament Commissions End Deliberations

The permanent commissions of the Cuban People's Power National Assembly ended in Havana on Thursday. Read More

Cuba: pilgrimage worshipped San Lázaro deist on December 17th

Thousands of Cubans paid homage on Thursday to a Catholic Saint who doubles as a powerful deity in the Afro-Cuban Santeria faith. Read More

De guajiro a guajiro, a humorist musical show at Santiago de Cuba city

The craftiness of anthological Cuban son and guarachas and the native sense of humour were present in the show De guajiro a guajiro, offered by the actor Angel García (Antolín el Pichón) and the musician Eliades Ochoa for the people in Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Widening of movie options is certain in Santiago de Cuba province

The main movie theatres in the territory recover their constructive splendour and are provided with the latest audio and video technology as to become centres for cultural life in the nine municipalities of Santiago de Cuba. Read More

Best athletes in Camaguey province already chosen

Judoca Oscar Braison and rower Yaima Velásquez, were chosen best athletes of 2009 in Camagüey, during a meeting held on Thursday at “Rafael Fortún Chacón” Sport Complex, where officials of the National Institute of Sports and Recreation (INDER) and sports commentators of the local community of journalists attended. Read More

Kool & the Gang Will Play in Havana by the end of the year

The band will play a gig on December 20 but they will also visit a music school, a children’s hospital, and dance to the best of Cuban music. Read More

Calle 13 to be in Cuba in March

The Puerto Rican duo Calle 13 will perform a concert in Cuba next March, announced the vocalist and composer Rene Perez from Los Angeles, according to a note by the Mexican newspaper “El Informador.” Read More